Connected Learning: Interdisciplinary Researchers Recommend Core Changes

Connected Learning: A New Synthesis Report  Blog Image

It has been almost a year since the release of the connected learning principles in March 2012 on For the Connected Learning Research Network, this has been a year of digging into our research agenda for connected learning, and testing our hypotheses with ethnographic case studies, design experiments, and the deployment of a national survey.… more

Reflections on DML2012 and Visions of Educational Change

Reflections on DML2012 and Visions of Educational Change Blog Image

A few days back home after DML2012, I've been browsing through the blogosphere and tweet streams and reflecting on the various conversations I had at the event. One unfortunate side-effect of being part of the organizing is that I can't get to many sessions, so I'm grateful for the after-party happening online. I wanted to pull one thread of my own learning related to this year's theme, which centered on innovation, technology, and educational reform.… more

Wikimedia and the Future of Public Media

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As of this week, I am officially part of Wikimedia's advisory board. I'm super excited to be part of the Wikimedia team and community, and am feeling rosy about the promise of all I will learn and hopefully even contribute. Like hordes of other net users, I rely on Wikipedia almost daily as my outboard brain, a taken-for-granted benefit of living in a networked age. I've made some edits and contributions to Wikipedia along the way, but mostly I've treated it as a public resource there for the taking. When I visited Wikimedia a few months ago, and took a look at their developing strategic plan, it was my first sustained look at some of the complexities of infrastructure and governance that lurk beneath the surface of a public resource that is quietly indispensable in my life.… more

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