Brazil Internet ‘Bill of Rights’ Protects Web Users

Leading the way toward protecting individual rights and freedom of expression on the Internet, the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies has approved a Bill of Rights, “Marco Civil.”

The landmark legislation now awaits approval by Brazil‚Äôs Senate and president to become law.  more

Rolezinhos: Flash Mobs, Social Media and Teens

young people dancing in Brazil

A new movement — the "rolezinhos" (meaning something like "hang out somewhere" or “little strolls”) — has taken hold in Brazil. Through social media, the rolezinhos started as a simple call for fun teen gatherings in malls, organized by teenagers. Because of their increasing popularity, however, they have evolved into something similar to a flash mob, attracting thousands of rowdy participants, causing some panic among mall vendors and sparking police clashes. more

Social Media: Brazil's Indigenous Tribes Go Online in their Struggle To Be Heard

Social Media and Brazil's Indigenous Tribes Blog Image

Brazil has several marginalized groups that often don't have a voice in government decision-making and are invisible to the majority of the country’s population. One such group, the country’s indigenous tribes, must constantly fight for their land against farmers and developers. more