Connecting Learners Through Hashtags, Focal Points

Connecting Learners Through Hashtags, Focal Points Blog Image

Like others who have become important co-learners in my personal learning network, I met Dr. Maha Bali, associate professor of practice of the Center for Learning and Teaching at American University in Cairo, through a hashtag. I can’t remember whether it was #ds106 or #etmooc or #clmooc, but it was one of those Twitter conversations that can serve as doorways into new communities of practice.… more

Channeling Engelbart: Augmenting Human Education

Campbell Channels Engelbart, Augmenting Human Education Blog Image

Gardner Campbell not only teaches the ideas of Doug Engelbart — the visionary who invented the mouse, hypertext and many more of the digital tools so many people use every day — he understands that Engelbart’s technological attempt to “augment human intellect” also ought to be a central goal of pedagogy.… more

Teaching Critical Thinking in Age of Digital Credulity

Teaching Critical Thinking in the Age of Digital Credulity Blog Image

By the end of 2014, more than 3 billion people will have access to the Internet, which means that they (we) have the power to ask any question at any time and get a multitude of answers within a second. The responsibility for distinguishing between accurate, credible, true information and misinformation or disinformation, however, is no longer vested in trained and vetted experts — editors, publishers, critics, librarians, professors, subject-matter specialists.… more