Revolution: Thank You, Brother Mike

Revolution: Thank You, Brother Mike  Blog Image

It was more than 10 years ago that I first met Brother Mike, before the launch of our Digital Media and Learning initiative and before the birth of the Digital Youth Network program. The work was in its infancy. We were just developing the initiative and had given out three grants.… more

Connected Learning: Designed to Mine the New Social, Digital Domain

Connected Learning: Designed to Mine the New Social, Digital Domain Blog Image

Focus on education has perhaps never been greater. As we seek to understand the impact of the internet and this age of connection, it has focused attention on a topic of extraordinary importance: the need to reimagine the experience of learning.

Beginning in 2006, the MacArthur Foundation began investigating, along with a diverse community of researchers and scholars, how are youth being impacted by the forces of the digital age, especially in regards to their learning? What were the implications to schooling and to educational institutions?… more

Reimagining Learning

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Teaching and education in America has been a very hot subject in the news. In recent days, there have been lengthy pieces on “building a better teacher,”  the ripple effects of a Rhode Island school board’s decision to fire the entire faculty of a poorly performing school and President Obama’s remarks, and the results of a large survey of teachers. So, I wanted to bring attention to a new effort coming out of the office of our friend, Jim Shelton, at the U.S. Department of Education. It’s a new web 2.0 site on called The Open Innovation Portal. It is intended to be a place where all of us in the learning field can contribute our ideas, commentary, and know-how.… more