Smart Schools in Sentient Cities

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What makes a city “smart?” And, in a “smart city,” what makes a “smart school?” Designers, researchers and commercial technology companies are increasingly concerned with the development of "smarter cities," "programmable cities"  and "sentient cities" that are augmented with big data, sensor networks, and other computationally programmable processes  and software-supported practi… more

Organizing Algorithms, Calculated Publics in Digitally-Mediated Education

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Recent news reports have begun to reveal how various analytics companies are now data mining millions of children. The learning analytics company Knewton, for example, claims that 4.1 million students are now using its proficiency-based adaptive learning platform, which has served 3.5 billion total recommendations between May 2013 and May 2014 alone.… more

New Centers of Data Visualization in Education

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Contemporary educational systems, spaces and practices are increasingly represented through digitally-mediated visualizations. Is the increased visibility made possible by visualization practices and technologies also influencing and shaping perceptions of education, and contributing to how the future of learning is envisioned and imagined?

Cascading Datamore