Defining a Participatory Critical Literacy

Defining a Participatory Critical Literacy Blog Image

The screen in the room offered the expected prompt: “What is your definition of critical literacy?”

The familiar scratching of pen to paper could be heard throughout the auditorium as ideas were being generated.… more

Genius: Web Annotation, Digital Literacies and Educational Possibilities

Genius: Web Annotation, Digital Literacies

The same evening as the non-indictment announcement in the Michael Brown case was announced, I received an email notification from about a teacher-driven conversation called “How do I talk to my students about Ferguson?” More than two dozen responses flooded into the forum discussion including video links, news articles, and canonical literature that could guide classroom discussions.… more

Embracing Possibility: Lessons from Mozfest 2014

Embracing Possibility: Four Lessons from Mozfest 2014 Blog Image

Two weekends ago, I had the opportunity to help co-“wrangle” a floor for the 2014 Mozilla Festival, better known as Mozfest. Emphasizing the space’s festival-like ethos (as opposed to typical conference drudgery), Mozfest spills into hallways, walls, and, of course, the web with its bend toward productivity. Described as a “a hands-on festival dedicated to forging the future of this open, global web,” Mozfest brings together a global audience to spend a weekend making stuff.… more