New Media, New Civics? The Bellwether Lecture at the Oxford Internet Institute

New Media, New Civics?

The Oxford Internet Institute was kind enough to invite me to give the inaugural lecture in their Bellwether Series. The OII’s director, Professor Helen Margetts, introduced the series explaining that she hoped talks would anticipate what is to come in the space of internet and society…and explained that the word “Bellwether” came from a middle English word for a castrated ram, who was fitted with a bell and made to lead a flock of sheep.… more

The “New Civics,” the “Good Citizen,” and the “Born Digital” Generation

The “New Civics" and the “Born Digital” Generation Blog Image

With Rewire out in the world, I’ve had some time this August to think about some of the big questions behind our work at Center for Civic Media, specifically the questions I started to bring up at this year’s Digital Media and Learning Conference: How do we teach civics to a generation tha… more

What Comes After Election Monitoring? Citizen Monitoring of Infrastructure

Citizen Monitoring of Infrastructure Blog Image

I was recently in Senegal at a board meeting for Open Society Foundation, meeting organizations the foundation supports around the continent. Two projects in particular stuck in my mind. One is Y’en a Marre (“Fed Up”), a Senegalese activist organization led by hiphop artists and journalists, who worked to register voters and oust long-time president Abdoulaye Wade.… more