Digital Fluency: Empowering All Students

Digital Fluency: Empowering All Students Blog Image

Although “digital literacy” is often a phrase associated with programs that have utopian pedagogical visions, it also can become a term attached to rigid curricular requirements, standardized testing, and models of education that stigmatize some students as remedial when it comes to their basic programming skills or their abilities to use software productively.  Furthermore, the term “digital literacy” can generate conflicts among educators because many different disciplines may claim sole responsibility for providing any needed instruction, as I’ve argued

Digital Media, Learning, and the Future

Digital Media, Learning, and the Future: Where Is It Headed? Blog Image

New research findings from a global study of education systems suggest that the promise of a hi-tech, high-skills, high-wage future for kids is a fantasy. Does digital media and learning offer a better future?

Learning Reimagined: Participatory, Peer, Global, Online

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This is a golden age for motivated self-learners, given the availability of open educational resources - from MIT's OpenCourseWare, Wikipedia, Wikiversity, and YouTube EDU to the Khan Academy and Apple's iTunes U, together with every possible online communication tool a learner could want - audio