Claire Fontaine

Claire Fontaine

Claire is a trained qualitative educational researcher with expertise in ethnography and visual and narrative methods, and interests in gender, childhood and adolescence, digital media, literacy, college access and postsecondary planning.

Collaborating with schools, universities, and community-based programs, she develops human and organizational capacity to support disadvantaged young people in New York City.

Past and current clients include: College Access: Research and Action,Girls Write Now,  the Collaborative Seeing Studio at the CUNY Graduate Center,  Long Island University School of Education, the Center for Worker Education at City College, and the Stanton/Heiskell Center.

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Parent Choice: Using Data to Justify Decisions that Perpetuate Segregation?

Monday, August 29, 2016

pre-school classroom As a researcher of urban education and parent of a child entering public pre-K in New York City this fall, my professional and personal interests converged this past year as I visited schools and poured over school performance data, along with every other parent of a 3-year-old in the city. I practically squealed with pleasure when the Department of Education released its newest data tool, the School Performance Dashboard. The Dashboard makes the process of at-a-glance school comparison that much easier, at least for parents conversant in the languages of data and quantitative measurement, who are