DML: In Support of Second Language Learning “in the wild”

In Support of Second Language Learning “In the Wild”

– From (digital) roadblocks to building blocks

Over the last decades, a new paradigm has emerged in language acquisition, which argues that language learning is essentially formed by social practice, experience, and socialization.  According to this paradigm, children ‘construct’ a language in the interactions with their environment. Language system and language practice are two sides of the same thing.  Adults, of course, build on the foundations of already acquired languages when they learn a second language. At the same time, their language learning is a long lasting tedious everyday process by which newcomers are paving their way into linguistic, social and democratic participation. But we can understand language learning and social integration into everyday life practices as depending on each other.  This makes it possible to radically rethink the ideology and practice of second language teaching and learning and to understand the challenge as a social and not solely a linguistic one.

The move from looking at language learning as a linguistic endeavour alone, tied to an individual learner and something s/he can do alone with books, or a traditional teacher-mediated classroom, with textbooks, exercises, and homework, to a social challenge that involves a whole host of actors and occurs in everyday encounters in a variety of everyday contexts, creates a challenge and an opportunity for rethinking how, where and by whom learning can be activated and supported.

In this panel we bring together researchers and design practitioners from Sweden and Denmark to discuss current design research projects and the theoretical foundations for supporting second language learning in everyday activities.


Språkskap: Design Experiments For A New Language Learning Arena

Brendon Clark, Interactive Institute, Sweden.

Extending The Formal Classroom: From Teaching Swedish Language To The Practicalities Of Engaging Others In Swedish.

Karl Lindemalm, Folkuniversitetet, Sweden

Second Language Acquisition “In the wild”.

 Johannes Wagner, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

The Design Troupe: Creating Relationships For Supporting Language Learning Outside Of The Classroom.

Basar Önal, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark / Interactive Institute, Sweden