EPP: Designing Agency


This panel focuses on what it means to design agency with the support of new media tools, examining how self-actualization, coalition building, and activism can be stimulated by new networked technologies. The panelists look at a diversity of emerging media technologies characterized by the locative, real-time, and the mobile to discuss how new practices of agency aggregate around emerging technologies. We will explore locative media design as a tool in peer learning and collaboration, and network production around news, activism, and sociality. We look at phenomena such as political Twitter, crisis mapping, mobile collaboratives, and locative self-presentation. We are interested in how these processes impact Media Design in regard to both Global initiatives and Local Activisms. Each participant will present a 10-minute brief on research interests or summary of a paper, after which the group will discuss points of intersection and divergence in thinking about designing agency with the support of new media tools.