EPP: The Competing Conditions and Interests of Designing Mobile Learning Experiences for Kids


This panel will offer a diverse set of professional perspectives on the question of designing effective, engaging and expressive mobile learning experiences for kids.
 Focusing on mobile learning inside and outside of the formal learning system, the discussion will confront the critical questions of how to balance learner access and participation with learner safety and privacy in the ambiguous conditions of mobility. These questions become ever more complicated as public and private interests and investments entangle in the design, development, and deployment of mobile learning.

Where and how does “real” learning fit into the new conditions and interests shaping everywhere (or everyware) learning? As new designers and developers enter the marketplace, how do we consider entertainment versus educational value in the products deemed “mobile learning”? Are mobile learning experiences truly educational or are they simply passive screen-based amusements? What properties or affordances might educators and consumers use to distinguish one from the other?

The emergence of new mobile platforms and technologies offer both a crisis and an opportunity. Now is the time to seize or squander this unique moment to radically foster new modes and practices of learning.