YDME: Youth Action Research through Social Media


Every day, young people tap into their social media networks to engage in a world of research —they just may not see it as such. They poll their friends on Facebook, voice their opinions on public online forums and contribute ideas, media and content to open innovation and crowd sourcing sites. But what if youth were taught to wed their social media behaviors to a rigorous approach in action research? Would they come to experience research in a more immediate and relevant way —as a means for understanding their world, informing public policies and practices and empowering youth and other marginalized communities? During this hands-on interactive workshop, participants will be led through a process for designing a youth-generated action research project that harnesses the social and mobile networks of youth. The workshop is built around two successful Chicago-based youth media models: NUF SAID – <http://www.nuf-said.org> (Chicago Youth Voices Network); and CHAIN OF CHANGE – <http://www.chainofchange.com> (Beyondmedia Education).

Outcomes: Through the workshop, attendees will be able to design their own action research project, collect data using social and mobile media, share their findings through online dissemination channels, and post their results and ideas for curricular application on the DML Collaboratory.

Time: 2- 3 hours

Location: Computer lab or classroom



Overview – How Participatory Action Research and Social Media Are Connected

A. The Power of Asking Questions

B. Turning Questions into Polls and Surveys that can be pushed out via SMS, Facebook and Twitter and embedded on blogs. During the conference they will collect results.

C. Data as a Springboard to Media Creation

D. Engaging Change through Data Sharing