Dedoose Data Sharing and Attribution

  • Data uploaded to Dedoose is one level more regulated than Dropbox. Dedoose will primarily be used collaboratively at the project team level to store and collectively analyze data that has been collected.
  • Data should be completely de-identified before being added to Dedoose. Please replace names with psuedonyms and do not link directly to forum posts or websites involved in fieldnotes.

o  The find and replace function works well for replacing names in a document before uploading it to Dedoose.

  • Please note: Dedoose does not currently have the capacity to allow users to edit documents once they have been uploaded to Dedoose. Make sure that your documents are exactly as you would like them (de-identified, formatted, etc.) before uploading to Dedoose.
  • Please do not add any data to Dedoose you are not comfortable sharing with other DML affiliated researchers or that is inconsistent with your IRB approved protocols.
  • Researchers understand that by including their data in Dedoose, other DML affiliated researchers may access and read parts of these documents for their own research, learning, and understanding.

o    We are building these Dedoose projects as long-term repositories that could potentially inform future DML research. Any sharing of data within Dedoose will be done with the express permission of the PI in charge of each project.
o    Should attribution be necessary, notes on how to properly assign attribution follow below.

  • Quantitative data: De-identified data should be shared after the participating researchers have had the opportunity to conduct their first complete analysis of the data.
  • Qualitative data: Field notes and interview transcripts should be available to share as soon as they are completed and have been de-identified.
  • Attribution: It is assumed documents in Dedoose may be accessed for general knowledge gathering purposes.

o    When accessing other researcher’s protocols, instruments and data, acknowledge the origin of each item by notifying the original author
o    If you intend to use or publish any information contained therein, seek permission from the author first. To reiterate, publishing any information, data, etc. requires explicit consent of the author and proper attribution would need to be negotiated with the author

  • For more information on how to use Dedoose, visit the Dedoose User Guide: