Dropbox Protocol Sharing and Attribution

Dropbox Protocol Sharing and Attribution

•    We want Dropbox to be transparent across all three research networks (Connected Learning, Learning Networks,
      and Youth and Participatory Politics)

             o    The Dropbox folders and their contents will be shared with all levels of the research networks,
                    including PIs, project personnel, post-docs, and graduate researchers
             o    Documents within Dropbox should not be distributed outside these 3 research networks without the author’s consent

•    Please do not add something to Dropbox you are not comfortable sharing with other DML funded researchers or that is inconsistent with   
      your IRB approved protocols
•    Only two people (Mimi Ito and Amanda Wortman) are able to add and authorize users to access our Dropbox folders

            o    If necessary, we can provide you with a record of who has access to a folder at any given time

•    Researchers understand that by including their documents in Dropbox, other DML funded researchers may access and read parts of these
      documents for their own research, learning, and understanding. Notes on attribution follow below.
•    The default with Dropbox should be to be open with respect to protocols, instruments, and data, unless there is a reason not to

            o    As noted above, the presumption is that data will be shared as widely and as often as possible via
                  DML Initiative PIs. However, we recognize that there may be some limited legitimate reasons to postpone
                  or even withhold data from sharing
            o    Please bring any specific concerns to Amanda Wortman, Data Manager of the DML Hub (awortman@hri.uci.edu)

•    IRB Protocol narratives (and attachments) should be sent to Amanda Wortman (awortman@hri.uci.edu) as soon as they have been approved
      by your institution’s IRB board. Please include approval documents.
•    All research instruments (survey questionnaires, interview instruments, field notes, etc.) should be made available for sharing as       
      soon they are developed

            o    Please send instruments directly to Amanda Wortman (awortman@hri.uci.edu) with a brief description
                  for inclusion in the Dropbox

•    All folders contain Table of Contents (TOC) documents that describe the folder’s content to help you (and other researchers) navigate.
      Amanda will update as more content is added.
•    Quantitative data: De-identified data should be shared after the participating researchers have had the opportunity to conduct their
      first complete analysis of the data.
•    Qualitative data: Field notes and interview transcripts will be available to share as soon as they are completed and have been de
•    Attribution: It is assumed documents in Dropbox may be accessed for general knowledge gathering purposes.

           o    When accessing other researcher’s protocols, instruments and data, acknowledge the origin of each item
                 by notifying the original author
           o    If you intend to use or publish any information contained therein, seek permission from the author first. To
                 reiterate, publishing any information, data, etc. requires explicit consent of the author and proper
                 attribution would need to be negotiated with the author