Fieldnote Template

File naming convention: NoteType_date_fieldworkerinitials_keyword

 • eg. FN.03.04.04.RC.narutofanfic
 • Note type tags:
        •    Fieldnotes (FN)
        •    Interview Logs (IL) – actual chat logs, transcriptions, etc.
        •    Interview Notes (IN) – overarching background information of the interview, how you met interviewee, ambient
              environment, what interviewee was wearing, etc.
        •    IRC logs (IRC)
        •    Message boards (MB)
        •    IM logs (IM)
        •    Email (EM)
        •    Analytical memos (AM)

Fields for introductory title/header
All fields should be included in each type of document regardless of whether they are filed in/applicable.

    ○    Fieldworker: Full name of fieldworker
    ○    Date (day of week)/Time:
    ○    Location: real, virtual , or both
    ○    Keywords: for what the note is about, eg. Naruto, fanfic, interview
    ○    People: Names of key people being observed. Use initials in the case of interviewees who are minors or who have asked their
          names to be disguised.
    ○    Summary: A few sentences on what was observed: “This was the first day of fanime 2005 where we went to xyz event.” “This was
          my second day of observation on x irc channel. I met x new mods and recruited 2 interviewees.”
    ○    Materials: any materials collected or supporting materials
    ○    Follow-up: Any follow up activities that resulted, such as a new recruit, info gathering, etc.

General tips and notes

    ○    Frequency and speed more important than perfection – develop practice of writing something at the end of every day of
    ○    Balance summary statements with detailed examples of quotes/conversation or interaction
    ○    Take fieldnotes on every event that has a supporting material – even if it is just the summary information so that we have
          context to interviews etc.
    ○    IRC notes can be done in parallel to monitoring the chat