Akili Lee

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Akili served for five years as the founding director of the Digital Youth Network. In that role, he helped to define DYN’s unique hybrid model to support youth in developing and applying digital skills in the classroom, out-of-school programming, and in the home.

Currently, as director of digital strategy and development, Akili leads DYN’s work in innovating new digital learning tools and supporting youth-focused organizations to develop models for successfully integrating digital media as a way to increase engagement and effectiveness.

Akili is the creator of the iRemix platform, which allows educators to leverage social networking in a safe solution for educational environments, leveraging social tools and integrating both recommended and custom goal and standard-based curriculum. He is the co-founder and serves as a board director and senior advisor for Remix Learning.

Akili received a B.A. in Computing and Information Systems from Northwestern University and is currently completing a MS in Business Information Technology at Depaul University.

Blogs (2)

“Check-in” Learning and Social Learning Networks

Monday, January 03, 2011

teacher standing at the front of classroom teaching students a lesson At the core of all of our work at the Digital Youth Network, whether it is understanding the affordances of social learning networks or creating new learner-centered models, is the idea that learners stay engaged by identifying the pathways most interesting and relevant to them. We address this by not only providing a wide array of program options but also designing social learning networks to provide our youth a space outside of structured programming to explore their passions with the support of peers and mentors. Being able to engage our students beyond the limited time and

YouMedia: A New Vision for Learning

Thursday, September 23, 2010

students performing spoken word at You Media center In July 2009, YouMedia launched as an ambitious attempt to re-imagine the library as a more relevant learning resource for today’s teens. Understanding that the landscape has changed how teens learn, socialize and self-identify, how do we remix the public library experience so it can truly engage teens in a way that supports its core mission? A partnership between the Chicago Public Library and the Digital Youth Network, YouMedia took on this task through the creation of a unique 21st century physical learning space and an innovative online space to connect learners 24/7. The 5,500-square-foot space