Lindsey “Luka” Carfagna


Lindsey “Luka” Carfagna is a doctoral candidate in the Sociology Department at Boston College and holds an M.A. in the social sciences from the University of Chicago. Luka works as a research assistant for Juliet Schor as part of the MacArthur Foundation’s Connected Learning Research Network and is currently writing her dissertation on open learning in the post-recession economy. While she currently resides on an Air Force Base in New Jersey, Luka can usually be found lurking where connected communities meet economic, educational, and ecological challenges.

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Avoiding ‘Dark Pits of Yuck’: Connected Learning for Military Spouses

Thursday, March 23, 2017

“We moved nine times in 14 years…It wore me down. Anything I started and developed on my own got taken away.” — Joanna McGuffey, founder and CEO of Unconventional Works I met Joanna in 2015 at Nucleus CoShare, a coworking office in Dayton, Ohio that serendipitously opened not long after we both moved there to accompany our service member spouses at their new duty locations. She was a seasoned Air Force spouse, having moved nine times in 14 years and I was brand new. Joanna told me that she joined the coworking office because she was “in