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monika gets to work with a district InnovationLab in Loveland, Colorado, where students have crafted, and just completed year one, of a four-year plan of disruption to redefine school. Based on findings that learning at its best is voluntary, per passion/choice, and self-directed, they are working towards “community as school.” They are experimenting with personalization both within and outside the system, a connected adjacency, so that all benefit.

Embracing the chaos of differentiating to infinity, they are networking mentor(s) to create 1-1 relationships. A declaration of interdependence, found in researching homelessness. Focus and commonality, if need be, is on a process of learning, penned detox. In reiterating this process, no matter the topic, it becomes second nature. The more detox needed, the more vital a culture of trust. Within the natural state of imagination and play, learners are free to follow their fancy and share back in useful spaces. ie: youtube, wikipedia, community. Minds they are learning with and from. Lab updates. Facebook: tsd innovation lab. Youtube: 51295monk. Random findings and journaling.

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An Ecosystem for Mentorship: A New Vision for College Communities

Thursday, April 18, 2013

interconnectedness graphic with colorful shapes representing public community people On a recent college visit, I was pleased to find a great model for an entire ecosystem of mentorship. Colorado Christian University (CCU) students/faculty had been touting their solid community, and for all I can tell, it appears legit by design. The campus is small, 1200-1500, and somewhat affluent (at least the tuition calls for much money). But I believe their layered, overlapping and differentiated means for everyone being known by someone, begs neither small size nor large expense. A brief description: 1:150; 8-5; 5 days/wk: Their life direction program is a center providing a one-stop

To Hasten Equity…Scale the Individual

Monday, December 10, 2012

infographic timeline of a quiet virtual revolution IDEC 2013 Public education could be the most accelerating venue for social change. Rather than waiting for any of the incredible [past, current and ongoing] innovations in redefining public education to scale, imagine we scale the individual. Imagine a new (old) narrative that can start anywhere because it begs no prep or training. Imagine we trust simplicity enough to give it a go. Imagine hastening equity and ongoing sustainability. IDEC is an annual global conference that circulates to the US every 10 years. From August 4-8, 2013, it will be hosted at CU-Boulder. We’re taking advantage of this

Five Elements to Help Redefine Public Ed

Thursday, October 25, 2012

ivan illich headshot and quote about school as advertising agency for society Imagine we redefine public education so that Dewey’s democratic society is co-created ongoingly, bettering each moment we practice it. The purpose of public education is a democratic society — John Dewey Imagine public education becomes the vehicle to social change, rather than, as Illich notes, a potential addiction to dependency. Imagine someone like Schmidt meets up with someone like Thiel and they agree on a premise that people are good, that human capital is our gold, that we really can learn/be/do anything today, and that the more we facilitate that for everyone, rather than regulate/manage some

Be.App: Towards Facilitating Curiosity

Thursday, September 06, 2012

be app meshing me a means to ground chaos as instigators emerge as community graphic Many people are talking about (and creating) better ways to do public education. There are amazingly innovative ideas happening. However incredible, they aren’t currently equitable; they aren’t accessible to all. Imagine if rather than waiting to scale these ideas, we focus on scaling each individual. Imagine a quiet revolution where individual choice not only sustains but exponentiates a true democratic society (Dewey’s definition of public education). Imagine if the only thing standing in our way, is compulsion. Our findings have brought us to re-imagining the city as the school. Imagine all the money ($1.3 trillion on

Declaration of Interdependence

Friday, July 20, 2012

red education barcode tagged graffiti on building We have massive research and many evidences available…[ie: Diane Ravitch is declaring a bunch of them here, we’ve gathered particular ones here]…that what we’re doing in the name of public education is not serving us well. Perhaps we declare some new laws in regard to public education, in regard to interdependency. The term interdependency came as we were researching laws for homeless teens. While some states allow 14-year-olds to declare independence, often resulting in homelessness, some are trying to restate that to a declaration of interdependence where each teen is matched up with an adult. If

A Vision for Learning Designed by Youth for Youth: Notice. Dream. Connect. Do. Be.

Monday, June 04, 2012

quote what if problems we work on in school are real life world saving problems The basics as defined by school is a very limited and restrictive set of skills. The word basic is often referred to as essential. Essential translates to absolutely necessary or extremely important. This mindset calls our publicly prescribed school basics into question. If we see something as basic it should by its nature show up as we live…no? We have a vision for an approach to learning that eradicates the standardization perpetuated in public education. The “we” is youth from the innovation lab in Thompson School District in Loveland, CO, who have just finished year two

What Tech Wants: A People Agenda

Thursday, March 22, 2012

large group of people waving hands in the air I loved Kevin Kelly’s book, and especially loved the message I heard from it. What I heard was that tech wants us to become more humane, not less. What I heard, was that tech wants us to get to know ourselves, each other, and the world around us, even better than we ever imagined, for good. This, to me, is about communication. It’s about changing up the conversations we have. It’s about spreading and sharing good ideas. It’s about intimate coffee house conversations on local-global as well as a global-global scales. It’s about exposing tacit knowledge.

Wanted (And Needed): ‘Radical’ Collaborations

Monday, August 01, 2011

painting with words 20 Learn How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. This insight from Anne Frank is evidenced today all across the world in education and many other domains. People are doing amazing things. Start ups, reforms, revolutions. It’s good news. It’s happening everywhere. And it all fits together, whether we see the connections today or not. Pointillism. Perpetual beta. If you’re not feeling it, if you’re wondering if you’re a part of education’s big picture…we’re thinking, more than anything, you need to know that you are – assuming you

Redefining School, Success

Monday, June 13, 2011

Be You Points of difference colorful art graphic We’re a district InnovationLab in Loveland, Colorado, where students have crafted, and just completed year one, of a four-year plan of disruption to redefine school. Based on findings that learning at its best is voluntary, per passion/choice, and self-directed, we are working towards community as school. After our experience this past year, we are thinking: It’s prime time for some much needed detox from traditional assumptions. The Web is offering a new space, new connections, new life, if we so choose. What Tech Wants is to set us free. It wants to let us get back