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A Czech/Nepalese dancer and media scholar, Sangita focuses on the intersections between technology and dance as they relate to questions of cultural continuity and globalization. She studied Bharata Natyam, Charya Nritya (Nepalese Dance), Kalaripayat (South Indian martial art) and contemporary dance techniques alongside her professional training at the LSE and MIT where she received the Council for the Arts Wiesner award for her work in dance and new media. Sangita belonged to the Boston-based Lasandhi Dance Theater, a dance group focused on addressing South Asian women’s issues, and was a guest choreographer for the Constanza Macras/DorkyPark production “Big in Bombay”, supported by the Berliner Festspiele/Spielzeit Europa, Schaubuehne am Lehniner Platz, and the Schauspielhaus Wien.  Focusing on the transnational dimensions of Hindi film (Bollywood), she is a co-organizer of the annual Prague Bollywood Festival and was a member of the Post Natyam Collective. Sangita also holds a PhD. from the Department of World Arts and Cultures at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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DML History and Future: Share Your Story

Monday, June 08, 2015

DML 2050 logo What is DML (digital media and learning)? Where does it come from and what might its future look like? And, what has it meant for those involved? Every movement has stories to tell. Every field has one or more founding narratives. This year, a new “#DML2055 — DML in Action” thread at the DML Conference will give us all an opportunity to share our stories; the stories that shape this field and movement. To get us started, we invite all participants to share their own DML story (Why are you connected with DML?) using the #DML2055

Engaging Youth: 7 ‘Epic’ Tips

Monday, April 07, 2014

6 young people on video conference call together for ypp “The irony is the more personal your story is, the more universal it is. And, the more you keep that nuance that makes your story personal, the more it will spread,” Nirvan Mullick, the founder of Imagination Foundation noted during a webinar podcast earlier this year. Mullick spoke from experience. “Caine’s Arcade,” a short documentary film he released in 2009, became an overnight internet grassroots-driven sensation and inspired a movement of youth-driven “cardboard creativity.” This success led Mullick to eventually launch the Imagination Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to “find, foster and fund creativity