From SuperGoo to Scratch: Exploring creative digital media production in informal learning


Published in June, 2007: Learning, Media and Technology Special Issue: Media Education Goes Digital

Based on work in media studies, new literacy studies, applied linguistics, the arts and empirical research on the experiences of urban youths’
informal media arts practices we articulate a new vision for media education in the digital age that encompasses new genres, convergence, media mixes, and participation. We first outline the history of how students’ creative production has been used to meet the goals of media educators and highlight new trends in media education that are instructive for creative production. Our goal is to introduce and situate the new ways in which youth are participating in creative production and the subsequent impact that this might have on teaching and learning media education today.  Findings from an ethnographic study are used to demonstrate the potential of youth producing new media, such as videogames and interactive art, on media education research and practice. 

Kylie A. Peppler

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Publication Date
Monday, August 01, 2011