From Writing to Gaming to Writing


Meet Tal: Age 11. She plays Minecraft with her cousin and they started a Minecraft club at their school.

The case of Tal illustrates the ways in which a school can provide the key scaffolds to connect a gaming interest to academic achievement. By providing an afterschool space for exploration of an interest with peers, and drawing this activity into a classroom context, teachers at Quest to Learn provided the connections for Tal to make her Minecraft play a pathway to developing creative writing interests and skills.


Mimi Ito


This piece republished with permission from the report, “Connected Learning: An Agenda for Research And Design” written by Mizuko Ito, Kris Gutiérrez, Sonia Livingstone, Bill Penuel, Jean Rhodes, Katie Salen, Juliet Schor, Julian Sefton-Green,  S. Craig Watkins ; with contributions from: Shaondell Black, Neta Kliger-Vilenchik, Dilan Mahendran, C.J. Pascoe, Sangita Shresthova

Illustrations by: Anthony Llewellen

Publication Date
Friday, February 26, 2016