Mannahatta: The Game (for iPhone)


Mannahatta: The Game is an early functional prototype built as proof of concept for the The New Youth City Learning Network. The aim of the Network is to enable institutions to collaborate around different youth-oriented activities that incorporate digital media. By building on the conceptual platform and data of The Mannahatta Project, one goal of the game prototype is to suggest how youth digital practices might be leveraged to impact city-wide learning. Another aim of the prototype is to suggest types of activities where institutions might work together and with youth in new directions, expanding their lists of innovative offerings across institutions and erasing lines between the real and the virtual.

Built on the complex dataset developed by Dr. Eric Sanderson of the Wildlife Conservation Society that models Manhattan’s dynamic ecosystem circa 1609, Mannahatta: The Game gives kids the chance to become ecological system builders as they navigate the modern day streets of Manhattan.

Social Science Research Council

©2009 New Youth City

Publication Date
Tuesday, October 20, 2009