New Media Literacies Project Teacher Strategy Guide


The Teachers’ Strategy Guide: Reading in a Participatory Culture is our response to this new social and cultural landscape. The guide recruits new media literacy practices for teaching classic literature. In the guide, we use Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick as our model text, and Ricardo Pitts-Wiley’s Moby-Dick: Then and Now as an example of a contemporary theater adaptation. The guide has been customized to teach these texts, but the thematic units are intended to be applicable to other classic texts, such as Frankenstein, Beowulf, and Their Eyes Were Watching God. We chose Moby-Dick because it’s a heavy book. This novel enjoys a weighty status not only as an iconic text—one whose themes and motifs have been taken up by a variety of media sources, just as Melville drew on a variety of sources in crafting the work—but also as the Great (Unread) American Novel. We figured if we could do it with a book that has for so long been considered the Sacred American Text, we could do it with anything.

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Publication Date
Wednesday, October 21, 2009