Reports from the Field: Second Life Community Convention 2007 Education Track Summary


Virtual worlds, especially Second Life, play an increasingly important role in the development of innovative and effective teaching and learning strategies. As such, educators using Second Life are in a unique position to inform and enlighten others interested in using virtual worlds in instruction and learning environments.

The Second Life Community Conference Education Track, held in August 2007, provided insight into what presenters felt are best practices helpful for educators and trainers wanting to incorporate the use of virtual worlds, and Second Life in particular, into their respective areas of influence. It should be noted that this paper does not reflect a synthesis of all current research in the field.

Despite specific differences in learning audiences and subject matter, several foundational questions must be asked, however, in determining the effective design of a virtual world learning environment. The appropriateness of a virtual world for specific populations of learners, the willingness of both instructors and learners to learn new ways of relating and communicating, and the effectiveness of both old and new strategies of teaching and learning must all be considered.

Cathy Arreguin
Publication Date
Thursday, April 15, 2010