RezEd Report Summer 2008, volume 1, issue 1


RezEd was developed by Global Kids, an independent educational nonprofit organization that educates and inspires urban youth to become successful students, community leaders, and global citizens. It launched after being selected through the HASTAC competition and builds on prior work in virtual worlds made possible through support from the MacArthur Foundation.

RezEd is a community of practice that brings attention to the myriad ways virtual worlds are being used for learning in various settings. It covers both commercial and educational virtual worlds through news updates; multimedia resources; a podcast series with youth, theorists, world builders, practitioners and experts in the field; a curated best practice report series, various digital media resources, guest-moderated discussions, and more. In addition, knowledge is generated and shared as members contribute photos and videos, facilitate special interest groups, and manage personal blogs.

Global Kids
Publication Date
Monday, December 14, 2009