Digital Economy

Mobile Money, Financial Literacy and Learning Through Digital Media

Monday, January 05, 2015 Comment close up of cell phone foreign money and hand counting money

The fact that a cellular telephone can transmit the value of a particular currency from one party to another may be increasingly obvious, given the rise of specialized digital money services in the United States, such as Square or Apple Pay. Around the world, mobile money does much more than signal access to disposable income or brand name consumer electronics; it can quite literally ensure survival for people on the bottom of the economic pyramid.   For example, adult family members in developing nations often are dependent on the income of migrant workers who send remittances home

‘Breaking the Wall of Internet Censorship’

Monday, August 11, 2014 Comment large house rooftop antenna

When I was in East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall but before the reunification of the two divided states, I was struck by how many shop windows advertised how-to guides with technical specifications for TV and radio enthusiasts, so that people once cut-off from the rest of the world could feel connected to various electronic sources for news and information. All over Dresden, where I was, it seemed that hobbyists were mounting antennas on rooftops to get signals from the other side of a once impenetrable Iron Curtain and were building knowledge networks