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2014: A DML Look Back, Forward

Monday, December 29, 2014 Comment conference room with presenter and audience at DML Connecting Practices 2014

For my final post of the year, I thought I would turn the mic around and ask YOU, the ever faithful DML Central reader, what you think about the year in digital media and learning. To get your thoughts flowing, I asked my fellow DML Central columnists to weigh in with their own year-end observations. Please take a moment to review their reflections, then add your own. You know what? Let’s not just look back but forward as well, making some predictions, and then let’s agree to meet back here in a year’s time and see

Striving for New Ways to Learn How to Learn

Thursday, December 04, 2014 Comment mia zamora quote co-learning heart of connected learning

Much hope, promise, and cash has been invested in technology for the classroom, yet this hype has often set the stage for nothing more than technologically-powered traditional content delivery paradigms masquerading as innovation. The course of magical thinking that continues to celebrate “ed tech” often ends up replicating the same systemic problems that existed before the advent of new tools. Can technology serve as a transformative force for equity and justice? Many of us in the classroom know well that technology is by no means a quick fix for the shortcomings of education today. I have